What exactly does participation in Expatpanel.nl involve?

Here are some of the questions people are asking us. If you would like to find out more please contact our friendly staff directly.

Who we are? 
Expatpanel.nl is an expert panel of Respondenten.nl. Respondenten.nl is an Amsterdam based full service Market Research Recruitment company working for major Dutch and global brands. We are constantly looking for people willing to participate in our paid research projects. We aim to connect consumers (YOU) with companies that will pay for your opinions. there is a large expat community in the Netherlands and therefore expats are an interesting and popular group to involve in consumer research. 

Why us? 
We are dedicated and passionate about research. Our aim is to help companies to listen and understand their potential customers, which may be you. We are not trying to sell you any products. We simply conduct research studies for Netherlands' leading research companies and businesses. You will not be marketed to as a result of participating in our surveys. You will however be paid for providing your opinions.

Who can participate in research projects?  
All expats 18+ years old may join our database. An expat or expatriate is an individual living in the Netherlands, and is not a citizen of the Netherlands, often temporarily and for work reasons. 

Where do the research projects take place? 
As Expatpanel.nl office is located in Amsterdam, the majority of our research projects are held there. You will be provided with the address and directions when you are invited to participate. We also have some distance paid surveys which may not require your visit. Although the majority of projects are Amsterdam based, others are located throughout the Netherlands. Therefor, even in you live outside of Amsterdam, please join our database and then we can see if you fit one of our other projects. 

Why are you asking for my personal information? 
All our market research projects require the participants to be certain ages, genders, etc. Knowing some of your personal data allows us to match you with a particular research project. And of course, we need to have your contact details to invite you for participation. 


We are on the lookout for

opinions that really matter.

How do I get paid? 
You will receive the pre-agreed renumeration from us within 2 weeks after your participation. The money will be transferred into your ank account. 

What are my responsibilities as a member of Expatpanel.nl?

  • You give your honest opinion and vision regarding the questions you are asked;
  • You treat what you saw or heard during the research with confidentiality
  • You arrive on time and give your full attention during the interview;
  • If you wish to cancell your participation you do so in advance (ie 24 hours in advance)

What if I you no longer want to be a member of Expatpanel.nl?

You can let us know at any time by email and we will remove your information from our database.